Eddie Alpuche – The Master of Romance
by Dixie Crosby

Published in the Baja Review June 2013 Issue

He is a published author, inspirational and motivational speaker, student of Jit-Jitsu, speaker of three languages (sings in five), musician, songwriter, and if that isn’t enough to hold your interest, let me add this: he has one of the most beautiful and powerful voices I have had the pleasure of listening to in a very long time.

Edgar Rodriguez Alpuche was born in Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1970.  At the age of 17, he moved to Brownsville, Texas and eventually made his way to Las Vegas, Nevada where he lived for 22 years.  He owned and ran a highly successful janitorial service for years, but music and singing was always his dream.  It was in Las Vegas that he actually began singing karaoke, up-staging everyone and winning one contest afer another.  Eventually he created his own karaoke revue and got a gig at Arizona Charlie’s Casino.  He should have been snatched up and thrown onto center stage at Ceasar’s; that’s how good he is.Eddie-Alpuche-Baja-Review

In 2010 Eddie Alpuche decided to move back to Mexico, and lucky for us he did.  He performs regularly at various clubs along the the Baja coast, including The Rosarito Beach Hotel, Casinos Caliente, Carnival Casino, Rene’s Sports Bar & Grill, and many more.  His vocal range is spectacular and his ballads heart wrenching.  I interviewed him at one of the oldest establishments around, Rene’s Sports Bar, which has undergone some major changes.  The stage is enormous (so is the bar), the food is wonderful, and their margaritas are terrific.  The Ortiz family opened this place in 1925 and there are dozens of framed and fascinating old photographs on every wall to prove it.  Eddie Alpuche performs and hosts Xtreme Karaoke there every Thursday from 7PM until closing.  There are books with thousands of songs of every genre (English & Spanish) to choose from, so if you are in the mood to sing, this is the place to be!

He sings Salsa, Cumbia, Ranchera, Rock, and Alternative.  He also sings soft Rock, Blues, Bachata, Reggae, Pop, and Banda.  His Power Ballads will blow you away.  He has been dubbed “The Master of Romance”.  He is Eddie Alpuche, and he has arrived.

Listen to him sing and read more about this versatile entertainer by visiting www.eddiealpuche.com


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