Entertain your guests at your establishment with Live Entertainment. In the restaurant/bar industry, finding ways to increase business is an ongoing effort. One of the best way to achieve this is to offer your guests live entertainment with their dinner. Increase your profits and guest list, while raising your reputation at the same time.

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Higher Profits

Managing a restaurant, bar, or hotel requires a fine balance between customer service, the menu and the ambiance. Having Live Entertainment enhances the ambiance and therefore increases customer satisfaction. In addition, live entertainment also:

Reduces the customer’s perception of wait time between courses and strongly influences the customer’s mood and often results in increased selection of menu items and wine selections.
Having live entertainment allows for the interaction between the customers and the singer. The singer is able to modify the play list to accommodate the mood of the customers.

Live Entertainment

Relaxes customers and calms their mood. This behavior modification can reduce the customer’s anxiety level when mistakes happen during their dining experience.
Having live entertainment on a regular scheduled evening will also increase the attendance once the customers know the schedule.

Finally, live entertainment also affects the mood of the workers serving the customers and this results in servers with a calmer and more pleasant attitude. Remember, servers are the frontline of any restaurant and are responsible to sell, acquire the next reservation and execute the restaurant’s strategy with respect to dealing with the customers.

Restaurants having live entertainment on a regular scheduled evening
report a thirty-five percent (35 %) increase of regular customers for the evening.

Nothing can create a tone and atmosphere for a bar than live entertainment. Using your bar as an entertainment venue can make your establishment a destination, rather than just a place to stop by.

Live entertainment can be the ingredient that makes your bar a smashing success! Don’t take it for granted – make sure that you stick with a consistent type of music, hire professionals that have a good reputation and following in your community and make sure that you treat the engagement professionally with a proper contract for each appearance. If you plan correctly for live entertainment at your bar, your customers will applaud you!
Many bar operators like to keep their patrons entertained with a variety of eclectic means and don't mind spending a few dollars to do so. In fact, major sporting venues have been employing these kinds of halftime entertain­ments for years and finding great results. If your bar can offer unique and appealing entertainment, chances are very good that you will have plenty of clientele. Better yet, if your bar develops a reputation for providing great entertainment, customers will always be dropping by your bar to look at your latest entertainment options.

Eddie Alpuche Live Entertainment

It takes a lot of skill to be a successful professional nightclub and bar owner. It’s unlikely that you are going to be both an expert in your core profession and an expert in booking live talent. Still, you need to know enough about booking talent to make smart decisions.

Here’s what you should know if you make a decision to incorporate live entertainment as a part of your business plan and concept for your bar:

Eddie’s tips on how to Successfully Book Live Talent for Your Bar.

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Written Contracts

Written contracts are very important. Any deal worth doing is worth writing down. So many times bookings are done by the seat of our pants or over a quick phone call, which can cause room for error or misunderstandings to occur. Create a contact for every performance, even a one night stand. Get everything on paper and formally signed from the amount you will pay to the time on stage and who provides what in the form of manpower, equipment and even food and beverage. Don’t leave anything to chance.

A simple written agreement on who, what, where, when and for how much is necessary to ensure no surprises come your way on the night of the show.

Hire Professionals
Hire talent that is polished, professional and has a good reputation. You want to make sure that your entertainers show up on time and offer a playlist that warrants the price of the gig and any cover you may be charging. You should audition them at your bar or by sitting in at a show in another similar venue. Talk to other venue or bar owners about their performance and professionalism.
Understand all Needs
Understand the needs of the entertainers. Do they have an adequate sound system? Who provides the lighting? Do they have a crew that can set up the instruments and test the sound? Make sure that all these things are discussed and outlined in the contract.

Treat music like an investment. Live music can offer considerable payback on your investment, but you may not realize it at first.

Market your performances. Word of mouth helps if you have recurring entertainment, but take the opportunity to market live music at your bar. You will pull in fans as well as people who are looking for a little something extra on their night out.

Treat the Talent Right

Once you have made the buy and the day of the show arrives, switch your perspective from being a smart, skeptical buyer to treating the talent like the rock stars they think they are. The marginal cost of being friendly and welcoming are small compared with the value of being successful with an act or agent who would prefer to work with you over others in your market in the future. Often, we look at the talent as the enemy, as the guy who just wants to come in and collect a check. The reality is they are artists who have as much passion for their craft as we have for selling whiskey. Don’t you think that if the artists are happy they would do a better job on stage and maybe even offstage?

Ensure a Smooth Event

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your bookings go well from start to finish:

First, create an environment that makes the artist feel welcome. Start by making the dressing area clean and inviting; if it’s messy or unkempt, he or she might get the impression that you don’t view him or her as a serious artist, which could affect a performance.

Second, buy the performer a meal and a drink. They aren’t called “starving artists” for nothing, and being hospitable will make him or her feel appreciated. The more they get to know you and see that you care about setting talent up to give a good performance, the harder it will be for your competitors to book the same acts in the future. Show you care, and you will start building great relationships and making talent happy. And if talent is happy, that spreads to your guests…

Karaoke DJ for Private Parties in Baja

Private Parties

You Bring The Guests, We’ll Bring The Fun!!

When it comes to coming up with ideas for party entertainment, it can often pay to think outside of the box. Serious parties require serious preparation, so start thinking now! One of the most important aspects of the party is the entertainment; don’t overlook its significance. A good DJ, Karaoke DJ, Live Entertainment, or Band can really get your guests moving.

When planning a party that you want your guests to remember for years to come, it’s important to remember that often times the entertainment comes in the latter part of the evening. Therefore, it’s likely that that’s what they’ll remember most vividly – especially if the performance was especially good or bad. It doesn’t make sense to put so much time and effort into planning the guest list, organizing the seating arrangements, food and decorations, and then skimming on the entertainment. The entertainment is the icing on the cake so make sure it’s worth it!

Eddie has a huge repertoire of a large variety of music with top notch professional equipment. Don't rent equipment and find yourself spending your time running the show instead of enjoying the party! For just a bit more that renting Mickey Mouse equipment, you can have top notch equipment and a professional singer to run the fun!

Music is an important aspect of every party Eddie performs at. His music library contains thousands of the most popular songs of all time. It is important to him to have a general idea of the type of music you wish to have played. He provides each of his clients with the most played and requested song listings. This allows you to check off some of your favorite selections that you would like to have played.

Quality Karaoke Sound System
He will work hard to ensure that he plays the music you desire, provide the type of interactivity that you prefer, and plan and organize the perfect entertainment for your event. Call Eddie today to reserve your date, and see what great services he can provide for you!

Eddie will also want to get an idea from you on how much of the music selection to devote to the younger generation vs. the adults. Would you prefer to have the music geared mostly toward the kids, mostly toward the adults, or in equal amounts to both groups? Whatever fits your party, Eddie's goal is to provide you with personalized service. He takes performing at your event seriously, and wishes to provide each of his clients with the service that they desire.