#1 Karaoke DJ in Baja, CA.  Karaoke has been around for decades and likely will be for many more. A combination of Karaoke favorites and the latest tunes are keys to a successful Karaoke night and Eddie delivers both.

How will Karaoke help my business?

1. People who enjoy Karaoke, usually stick around for hours. This means people will be BUYING more drinks and more food.

2. People LOVE to SING! Whether they are good at it or they just plain suck, they still love to do it. Most people will go to a good Karaoke night repeatedly and make it part of their regular weekly outings. This means REPEAT BUSINESS.

Karaoke DJ for Bars and Restaurants in Baja

Eddie takes a lot of pride in his ability to perform as a Karaoke DJ at Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants, and help make the event one that will have your customers looking back on with fond memories and more visits to come. Taylored Karaoke Packages for Bars and Restaurants in Baja

His goal is to provide the local Bars and Restaurants with the personalized Karaoke DJ service they deserve. He understands that not all Bars and Restaurants are alike, and that events will vary from one client to the next. This means that each and every event he performs at requires a lot of time and attention to planning and organizing every detail of his performance, to ensure that your event will be a huge success!

Eddie has an excellent working knowledge of Bars and Restaurants and what they want to take place, and he works hard to ensure that the evening will be a success. He prepares for the evening every step of the way – from Marketing the event to creating custom song slips and fun games for the evening, he will ensure that your Karaoke Night is a hit!

Karaoke DJ for Bars and Restaurants in Baja

If you are looking for a fun and interactive Karaoke DJ to entertain your guests, you have come to the right place! Eddie is experienced at making the event fun for everyone (adults and kids alike). He will work hard to incorporate a number of fun, Karaoke games and contests throughout the celebration. Fun Karaoke Games for Bars and Restaurants in BajaA popular favorite in the Rosarito area is Eddie’s Tequila Game. Each time a singer performs, their name goes into a jar. After every 10 songs are performed, one name is randomly pulled from the jar. The winner then receives a shot of tequila in front of the audience with much fanfare!The type and frequency of the games and contests will depend greatly on your input. His ability to entertain your guests with games and contests is a skill that very few of his Karaoke DJ competitors have and makes a huge difference in the amount of fun everyone has! Each Bar or Restaurant package is geared around the amount of interaction you prefer.

Karaoke DJ for Bars and Restaurants in Baja

How to Add a Successful Karaoke Night To Your Bar

"I’ve been performing as a Karaoke DJ for quite some time now and I’ve played at many different venues. I've seen successful Karaoke ventures, and ones that flopped. So I thought that I would put my tips here for handy reference. If you want to ensure that your Karaoke Night is a success at your bar or restaurant, be sure to check them out!"

-Eddie Alpuche

Eddie’s tips for a Successful Karaoke Bar Night

Liquid Courage

The level of difficulty getting people up on stage to sing is significantly great if there’s no “liquid courage” available. The only time this is excusable is if you’re pitching to a younger crowd (young as in below the legal drinking age). Food is also a good draw but not essential. If you’re a restaurant that specializes in more expensive fare you may want to keep a scaled down “bar food” menu just for the Karaoke crowd. Not to say that if you don’t have a bar then Karaoke will flop. Karaoke just makes more money in a bar environment.

Pick A Niche And Stick With It

Theoretically, any night can be a successful Karaoke night but the best days for it is Friday or Saturday night. Most business owners are reluctant to devote any of those days to Karaoke because those are the days that make them the most money. Karaoke CAN carry any one of those nights if you give it a chance.

Once you have a day, tailor for your audience. Is this supposed to be a family event? For adults? Just for the grown and sexy? The reason you need to specify this is all Karaoke songs aren’t “family friendly”. A lot of popular songs these days feature suggestive, raunchy or foul language. Karaoke DJ’s try their best to make their own call on this based on the ambiance of the establishment but in most bars we’ll opt for the “uncensored” option. Work out with your Karaoke DJ just how far you’re willing to let the show go.

Finally, consistency. I’ve seen many situations where the owner will pick a night and then start shuffling the days around when that night doesn’t work. You can end up losing “regulars” this way. It’s a pain when you have fun doing something one night, come back the next week at the same day and time only to find out that the thing you had fun doing has been moved to another day. Pick a day and make it work. But if you absolutely must move the event, make sure you advertise the new time and day well.


When you do decide to hire a Karaoke DJ, be prepared to market the event. Your Karaoke DJ will reach out to their regulars and post notices when they’re out and about but you need to take a stake in promoting it. It could be as simple as posting up a sign on your front door.

Rotation – Let The Karaoke DJ Do His/Her Job

Play this scenario in your mind. Let’s say you’re waiting in line at Burger King. Next thing you know someone comes in and the manager starts gushing about how glad he is to see this person. The manager then proceeds to move that person who just came in right to the front of the line. I don’t know about you but I’d have a problem with that.

The most difficult part of the job is maintaining a fair rotation of singers. It’s difficult because everyone in the room has a pretty good idea of when their turn is coming up. Many managers though like to play favorites and that can easily annoy everyone else who’s been waiting patiently for their turn. Now, the manager IS paying for the entertainment and thus can exercise this right if they so choose but it’s easy for managers to abuse this power. At the very least, ask the Karaoke DJ if they can bump a certain person to the top of the list.

Don’t Shortchange Your Event

The typical Karaoke event lasts on average 4 hours. Anything less than that and people will decide it’s not worth their time. Work out with your Karaoke DJ ahead of time what their event schedule should look like and negotiate the cost before hand. You’ll find that most Karaoke DJ’s are very flexible.

On another note, NEVER combine Karaoke with any other event. Only one event can hold the spotlight at any given time. One show at a time, people!

For example, say there’s a big Fight on Tuesday, your normal Karaoke night. You plan on having a “Fight Night” with a big screen for your customers. Don’t try to keep your Karaoke schedule on the same night – the fight can go later than planned and your regular Karaoke customers are now sitting in the bar having to deal with the Fight Night customers shouting at the TV. This is extremely annoying and will just make your regulars leave. Instead, ask your Karaoke DJ to come towards the end of the scheduled fight time and be a Regular DJ for the evening for an “After Fight” party! Your crowd will be pumped up after the fight and ready to let loose – having a DJ there to play the right kind of music will make all the difference.

Beware Of Contests

I HATE Karaoke contests. I mean I REALLY hate them. Why? Because the contests that most businesses implement aren’t Karaoke contests. They’re SINGING contests. This negates the very principle of Karaoke: providing a stage to people who couldn’t even sniff the big time. Those singers have Star Search and American Idol. For everyone else, there’s Karaoke.

Contests can easily bite you in the rear and alienate good customers. If you do want to have a contest, then let your Karaoke DJ work out the details. They will most likely have a way of doing it so that feelings don’t end up hurt and people will come back next week regardless of who wins. And yes, I do have a good method for this.

If You Build It They Might Come

Sometimes, even if you follow these steps, Karaoke doesn’t work out. Your regular customers may decide they like their old plain Jane bar the way it was. You might be in an area where there aren’t many Karaoke enthusiasts. Or your establishment might not have the right ambiance for Karaoke.

In light of this, my final tip is when to bow out. Give your Karaoke event a solid eight weeks to properly gauge the response of your customers. If adding Karaoke was meant for you to drum up more sales then keep an eye on your receipts for that night and compare them to receipts for the same night on which you didn’t have Karaoke. If adding Karaoke was meant as a bonus for your regular customers, ask them directly how they feel about the event. But in either case, give it eight solid weeks before you decide if you’re better with or without Karaoke.

Have questions?
Contact Eddie today to see how he can help you build your business. He looks forward to speaking with you!

Karaoke DJ for Private Parties in Baja

Private Parties

You Bring The Guests, We’ll Bring The Fun!!

When it comes to coming up with ideas for party entertainment, it can often pay to think outside of the box. Serious parties require serious preparation, so start thinking now! One of the most important aspects of the party is the entertainment; don’t overlook its significance. A good DJ, Karaoke DJ, or band can really get your guests moving.

When planning a party that you want your guests to remember for years to come, it’s important to remember that often times the entertainment comes in the latter part of the evening. Therefore, it’s likely that that’s what they’ll remember most vividly – especially if the performance was especially good or bad. It doesn’t make sense to put so much time and effort into planning the guest list, organizing the seating arrangements, food and decorations, and then skimming on the entertainment. The entertainment is the icing on the cake so make sure it’s worth it!

Eddie has a huge selection of Karaoke music with top notch professional equipment. Don't rent equipment and find yourself spending your time running the show instead of enjoying the party! For just a bit more that renting Mickey Mouse equipment, you can have top notch equipment and a professional Karaoke DJ to run the fun!

Music is an important aspect of every party Eddie performs at. His music library contains thousands of the most popular songs of all time. It is important to him to have a general idea of the type of music you wish to have played. He provides each of his clients with the most played and requested song listings. This allows you to check off some of your favorite selections that you would like to have played.

Quality Karaoke Sound System
He will work hard to ensure that he plays the music you desire, provide the type of interactivity that you prefer, and plan and organize the perfect entertainment for your event. Call Eddie today to reserve your date, and see what great services he can provide for you!

Eddie will also want to get an idea from you on how much of the music selection to devote to the younger generation vs. the adults. Would you prefer to have the music geared mostly toward the kids, mostly toward the adults, or in equal amounts to both groups? Whatever fits your party, Eddie's goal is to provide you with personalized service. He takes performing at your event seriously, and wishes to provide each of his clients with the service that they desire.